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The bull is back! Altcoins make up ground, Bitcoin dominance falls

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After we introduced last week, with our week in review with the question, “Was this already the beginning of a new bull market or just a short period of recovery for the crypto-currency market?”, can we give this week an answer to the question. Yes, the COP is back!

Apparently, the 12. April 2018 is actually the initial ignition, the crypto market is needed in order to create the reversal of the trend. The Bitcoin price rose on this day, within 45 minutes to about 15 percent. The trade volume of Bitcoin reached a historic, unprecedented High in this period, from US $ 1.2 billion.

The thus triggered a positive sentiment continued this week. The total market capitalization has risen within the last seven days of around 325 billion USD to 386 billion dollars.

Noticeable this week was that in the last few weeks, rising Bitcoin dominance, i.e. the proportion of the entire crypto-market, and went back out. After the Bitcoin dominance could rise in the previous weeks-at times-over 45 per cent, is you like this week back below 38 percent.

Accordingly, this week the Altcoins that have worn the crypto currency market, and primarily for increasing the company’s market capitalisation, responsible showed. From our point of view, the biggest winner of the week, we would like to discuss at this point.

The winner of the week* (+ 695%)* (GTC) has been in the past week, by far, the biggest winner of the week. With a 695 percent of the price of GTC exploded. The price of a GTC is to the Editorial office at around 0.34 Euro.

The price increase began when the had tweeted Tron Foundation, that will participate in the upcoming election, the Super-Representatives of TRON, and at the same time on the strategic partnership between the two companies referred to.

The partnership between and TRON is even longer, as we reported some time ago. The insane increase in los but when announced that it is half of his own GTC ownership in the ratio of 1:1 to all the GTC owners, who hold the Coins in the Game Wallet, on 08. August 2018 airdroppen.

Whether it is the Pump to have a long-term price increase, therefore, remains, in our view, to be seen.

TokenPay (+ 72 Percent)*

TokenPay in the past few weeks, to 72 percent. The price of a FUND is currently at € 5.50*.

The reason for this massive increase is the increased media attention for TokenPay is from our point of view, probably, after the Verge was able to announce in the last week, the partnership with Pornhub. After the Crowdfunding of the Verge was not able to collect until just before the end of the Deadline sufficiently XVG, it was TokenPay who have decided in an “Emergency Last Minute”decision to the rest of the amount and donated a total of 66.5 million XVG, and thus, the partnership for Verge.

Bitcoin Cash (+ 52 Percent)*

Bitcoin Cash in the past week the psychologically important $ 1,000 mark. Also the Euro BCH is around 939 euros, far from the thousands of brand. The reasons we have reported this in detail in this article:

Bitcoin Cash is going up in flames: Antpool burns transaction fees

EOS (+ 40%)*

EOS has been able to make in the last week within the Top 20 crypto currencies by market capitalisation, with 40 per cent the biggest jump. Currently EOS for 9,40 Euro* is traded. About the possible reasons we have discussed in the article below.

EOS is fighting slowly forward, possible reasons

Ripple (+ 34%)*

Still a strong 34% increased Ripple this week. So XRP has had a large share in the fact that the Altcoins have melted the Bitcoin domination. An XRP is currently traded for € 0.70*.

The reasons for the increase in the price of Ripple from our point of view complex and a sum of the positive news, the Ripple was able to report during the last months of the bear market. Perhaps also the statement of the Ripple, the XRP Token “is definitely not a securities” plays an important role. After a long time it was speculated whether or not XRP is a value paper, had reported to Ripple a few days ago to speak for themselves, and so, probably, the investors are “somewhat” calmed down.

Outlook for the following week – KW 17

Also this week, we would like to inform our views about what data could be in the next week is important.


IOTA will present at the Hannover Messe from Monday, two Live Demos of its technology. For more information, we have summarized in this article.

Fujitsu and DXC will present a Live Demo of IOTA on Hannover Messe


AION is currently on position 44 of all crypto currencies by market capitalisation. The price for AION is currently 3,11 EUR*.

Next Wednesday, the 25. April is going to launch AION to be Mainnet. There will be a Livestream, exact Details and times are yet to be released.

Ethereum Classic

Only at the 30. April, perhaps, but nevertheless a significant event or influence on the course of Ethereum Classic next week could be the Release of the Emerald project, in a first Beta Version. The project includes the Emerald-Wallet, which intends to create an environment in the user transactions on the Wallet for sure to verify. In addition, there will be a number of other features, which aim to make the development of Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Classic Blockchain more competitive. So Emerald is, for example, a common platform for Dapp-developers.

* The percentages are based on the time of writing

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