Steven Van Herreweghe wants more acting

6589cb1cf8e449bf242e455773bbaa21 - Steven Van Herreweghe wants more acting

Saturday was Steven Van Herreweghe as a guest in Evi Hanssen in a new radioseizoen of The Holy House of Hanssen on Joe. Evi was up to Steven to hear that Frank Vander linden him would like to see acting: “That is very sweet that he says this, because I act super happy”, said Steven. “Over the past 15 years I have only but tv is created and presented. So I’m suddenly a tv presenter. That is logical, then, that you don’t see me acting, because no one knows that I like to do. I would super like to act, but well, I would also not pathetic. Instead of waiting for someone to call, I want to be a number of things. Therefore, I go to the theatre, because I have the pleasure of playing wrong. What John Cleese did in Fawlty Towers, or Louis de Funès, I think that’s great, but I dare say that actually no-one to say it,” laughed Steven.

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