Roxeanne Hazes bites off after comments on bikinifoto

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Just as many other people also enjoyed the pregnant Roxeanne Hazes the last days of the beautiful summer weather. On Instagram she placed a few pictures of herself in a bikini on a boat. Many people could not resist to comment about her breasts, which by the pregnancy has grown considerably. And that picks up the Cockpit-cabin…

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“Pregnancy sure has its advantages,” writes a follower. “What do the balloons say,” said another. Also the joke that they are with z ” n fives to enjoy instead of with z’n threes such as Rox wrote himself, is much made.

On Instagram Stories and let the singer know now: “Of those comments about my tits. Will the ff be less appealing to you. Is full of milk and nipples look like fried eggs. Joe!”

When Roxeanne precisely, is not known. She has decided her due date to keep to themselves.

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