Paul Severs celebrates 70th birthday

769c986b53f05c58df32d15176f0fcc8 - Paul Severs celebrates 70th birthday

Paul Severs this year celebrates its 70th anniversary, and that milestone, he doesn’t want to go unnoticed, let go. On 26 June, it is effectively his birthday, but the singer has decided to not that long to wait for his 70th verjaardagsshow. On Sunday afternoon, June 10, is there in the Arjaantheater of Geraardsbergen, a unique show in honor of Paul Severs. The show will start at 15 o’clock in the afternoon, and in addition to Paul Severs also Nina and Anneke van Hooff on the stage. Tickets can be during office hours to reserve through 054/43.72.61.

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