Oldest woman in world dies in Japan

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The oldest woman in the world, a woman of 117 from Japan, died. That was Sunday confirmed.

Nabi Tajima died Saturday in a hospital on the southern island of Kikai, said stadsambtenaar Sosumu Yoshiyuki. Tajima lag since January in the hospital, said Yoshiyuki.

Tajima, who was born on 4 August 1900, reportedly has more than 160 descendants. It was in september, the oldest man in the world, then the Jamaican Violet Brown died at 117 years of age. Also the ‘newest’ oldest woman in the world lives in Japan and celebrates soon to be her 117th birthday.

Earlier this month suggested the Guinness World Records that Japanese Masazo Nonaka with his 112 years the oldest living man in the world.

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