‘Mini-Me’actor Verne Troyer dies at age 49

7a3bbf16a62fca987ad71dc6c4d8da77 - 'Mini-Me'actor Verne Troyer dies at age 49

Actor Verne Troyer, who became known as Mini-Me, the clone of Dr. Evil from the ‘Austin Powers’films, on Saturday died. That made the family via social media known. A post on his Facebook page confirmed his death “with great sadness and a broken heart”.

Troyer, who is 81 inches was small because of a genetic disorder that stunted growth caused, played the clone of the malignant Dr. Evil in the film Austin Powers: the spy who shagged me’ in 1999 and the sequel in 2002. He had supporting roles in dozens of other movies and tv shows, and appeared regularly in the reality show.
“Even though he was small of stature… he did not give up more doors for himself and others to open more than someone could ever imagine,” writes the family.
Troyer gave in the past publicly admitted that he alcohol problems. In a message on 3 april on Instagram wrote the family that he medical care received. In the post of Saturday says that he “fought, and won, moisture and more moisture, but that this time, unfortunately, was too much.”
A specific cause of death was not there.

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