Katja Herbers thinks that robots will come to power

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Katja Herbers is from Monday to see in the HBO series Westworld, which at Ziggo Movies & Series is broadcast. About her role in this series about a theme park where robots the power to take over, can they still not tell you very much. However, let them know it was nice to find that the series relates to a subject which, according to its best ever truth could be.

Katja Herbers

Herbers plays in Westworld the role of Grace, a visitor from the Western-theme park. “The roles are reversed in the second season of the series. It is clear that the people are no longer the boss. The robots were located at the end of the first season slowly aware of what all of them done. That pick no longer. They come in revolt. That is the moment that my character go to the park, when there is total chaos reigns. What I particularly like is that the sympathy of the viewer with the robots. The story of the series is not small. It’s about how we as people of the earth be swept by artificial intelligence. That story will have multiple seasons covered.”


Herbers finds it an interesting denkexercitie that the robots the power to take over. ’I find it quite extraordinary that the series of questions that we according to me. The recently deceased Stephen Hawking warned artificial intelligence is the biggest threat to mankind is. That is a scary vision of the future.”

“I was already a fan of Westworld before I could participate. When I heard that there is a HBO series, where Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris and Jeffrey Wright it took part was that, for me, enough reason to go and have a look. That are not the least! Before, I had the sneaky hope to be allowed to play in such a superb American series. I watched The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Mad Men… Yes, I think that is a lot of fun, that that’s successful.”

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