French stars condemn ‘new anti-semitism’

d0ef0597b21344d66c8a51dcac5f13fa - French stars condemn ‘new anti-semitism’

More than 250 well-known Frenchmen, among whom ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy and actor Gérard Depardieu, have a manifest signed to the new anti-semitism by islamic radicalisation’, to denounce.

“The past years were eleven jews were killed by radical islamists, and sometimes tortured, just because they are jewish’, according to the manifesto published in Le Parisien Dimanche. “We demand that the fight against this democratic failure is a national cause, before it is too late. For France is no longer France.”

The signatories condemn the ‘silent ethnic cleansing’ that is being driven by the increasing islamic radicalisation. ‘French jews walk 25 times more at risk of being attacked than their medemoslimburgers’, it sounds. They also indicate the media the finger, because they are not enough to speak out on these matters.

The manifesto was signed by ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy, singer Françoise Hardy, actor Gérard Depardieu, businessman François Pinault, a politician Bernard Cazeneuve and singer Charles Aznavour.

The manifesto comes after last month the 85-year-old jewish Mireille Knoll was murdered in Paris. She was partly burned and had eleven knife wounds in her body. The motif of the two suspects that were arrested, pointing in the direction of anti-semitism.

Other names that are mentioned in the manifest, are those of Mohamed Merah in 2012, including a massacre havoc on a Jewish school in Toulouse, and Amedy Coulibaly, four people killed in a Jewish supermarket, the same day a terrorist attack took place on the editorial staff of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

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