Fraser is about ‘scary sayings’ Control

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The Vitesse fired Henk Fraser is not happy with some comments of Edward Control, that the season to finish as an interim coach at the Arnhem club.

Edward Control and Henk Fraser

“A number of comments of Control was very scary. That I go with him to discuss”, let Fraser know at FOX Sports. Steering was until a week and a half ago, assistant coach of Fraser at Vitesse.

The weekend after the resignation of Fraser overcame Vitesse with 7-0 over Sparta. Any comments Fraser exactly refers to, wanted to the former international, not to say. But he did not deny that the fact that Control said “the discipline to have cited’ him does not sit well.

“Edward does not have subdued cheering. That is nonsense. He had to take over and had a job to do. Go there, but to stand”, explained Fraser. The 51-year-old coach was the past two years as a trainer of the Arnhem club. The next season he joined Sparta to the battle. Leonid Slutsky is the new coach of Vitesse.


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