Experts are skeptical of concessions from Pyongyang

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The announcement of North Korea to end to nuclear testing and rakettests with skepticism and welcomed by the experts on that country. They question the true intentions of Kim Jong-un and also have questions about the share that the American president has in this decision.

The declaration of the North Koreans that they will stop with the tests comes on the eve of a summit between the two leaders, Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, at the beginning of June. Less than a year ago, had the American president threatened with ‘fire and fury’ against North Korea after the leader of North Korea threatened with an attack on American territory in Guam.

North Korea experts suggest that Kim herself is no single character in the direction of disarmament has given, and they doubt also to the American concessions in return.

“All decisions of Kim within the shortest of times to be turned over, his promises are usually words in the wind. The country has never really word held, ” says Korea expert Harry Kazianis of the Center for the National Interest. Also other experts to minimize the impact of the announcement by North Korea.


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