Evan Rachel Wood didn’t ’Mean Girl’

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The movie Mean Girls was in 2004, a huge success, and now it is still a nice wegkijker. Also actress Evan Rachel Wood is a big fan. Even more remarkable is that she actually was asked for a role in the film, but the actress refused.

Evan Rachel Wood

The moment that Evan Rachel Wood approached for a role in Mean Girls is still fresh in the memory of the thirty years ‘ actress. “I had to answer ‘no’ to cancel.”, she says during The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. “I had just agreed that I that I was in a different movie, Pretty Persuasion, would play. The story seemed very Mean Girls, so I couldn’t do it.”

Unfortunately for Wood got Pretty Persuasion never the cultural status and the great success of Mean Girls. Given the actress a big fan of the movie and scriptwriter Tina Fey, would Wood like to still want to work together in the future. With the comment that it is not a similar role as the current in the HBO series Westworld.

“Tina, if you look, I’m sorry for the wrong we have started. As long as your next film not about robots is that have the power to take over, I want to be happy with your work.”, please let them know.

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