Dream Hannelore Data into staves

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It had to be Sunday, a day to celebrate for Hannelore Guy. Hannelore was last year in the program “About Winners” of Koen Wauters. She climbed up purely on willpower the Machu Picchu, small but not insignificant detail: she did that with two prostheses. Thanks to a fundraising campaign was Hannelore something more modern prostheses and prior to that, she won this year the biggest names sports Performance of the province of Antwerp. Sunday would be Hannelore for a new world record. She would like to be in the Guinness Book of Records and, therefore they together with ultraloper Yves Dedapper the marathon of Antwerp. He is walking behind the wheelchair of Hannelore. Yves is a brave man and has already had some experience but on Sunday he himself could not surpass. The goal was to have the marathon in a time of 3 hours and 30 minutes and halfway lay, the duo is a piece ahead of schedule but then it went wrong. “Yves was suffering from the heat and started wiggling. He is not outside consciousness, but he was out as a precaution to the hospital” said Hannah when we set her on the trail against the run. Her dream is not this year, but who knows succeed in the next year, however. The heat makes many victims at the marathon and Yves is one of them. No shame, we hope he can quickly the hospital allowed to leave.

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