Drakenbootrace ends in tragedy: at least 17 dead

e3cb8ee6b865ace821a28299e25c9c23 - Drakenbootrace ends in tragedy: at least 17 dead

GUILIN – Certainly seventeen people are to the life at a training for drakenbootraces in China. Two boats kapseisden after they compete against each other were met. Some 60 rowers fell into the water.

The accident happened in the city of Guilin, in the south of China. A dragon boat is a open boat more than ten metres long. Racing is a popular pastime. During the annual Duanwu festival on June 18 will be a lot of drakenbootraces held. The two boats were in training for the competitions of the festival.

Chinese television showed images of the accident that with a smartphone that are made. The boats kapseisden through artificial rapids. The rescue services were Saturday afternoon mass with eight boats and 200 employees.

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