Daughters of well-known Flemish people vying for the crown

fde7b0eae5cf61b43f256eb3650711eb - Daughters of well-known Flemish people vying for the crown

Four daughters of one or more known parents to defy, in the week of april 24, the university town to an outfit to score which they are Flanders ‘ largest fashion authority wish to appeal. Maxine Michiels (25), Laura Van Tongelen, (24), Maartje Van Neygen (22) and Jasmine Vermassen (27) each get a special accessory will be assigned to serve as a basis for their styling. Jani is this week extra generous and raises the stakes to 500 euro. Curious whether the four daughters, the successful genes of their well-known parents have inherited?

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Tuesday, april 24
MAXINE: The good, The bad and the fashionable Maxine (25) is the daughter of belgium to become Paul Michiels. This beautiful brunette is the Flemish horse whisperer and paardentrainster of appeal. Maxine’s bohemian look is very influenced by the Wild Wild West, where she arranged to go traveling for her job. Hold your reins firmly, because Maxine is here to win. Howdy cowboy!

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