Danish inventor knows Wednesday are punishment for ‘duikbootmoord’

42a21712a80f53c3cd745a09c5183023 - Danish inventor knows Wednesday are punishment for ‘duikbootmoord’

The process against Peter Madsen, the Danish inventor who terechtstaat for the death of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall, coming to an end. Wednesday is the judgment pronounced.

Madsen has been guilty pleaded and admitted that the body of Kim Wall in August 2017 in pieces to cut. According to him, it was the only way to get her out of the submarine, after she had died ” as a result of an accident’.

According to Madsen, who questioned several times his story changed, would the 30-year-old journalist, toxic substances are inhaled that were in a drukprobleem in the cab of the truck. Eleven days later came ashore her body parts to the coast south of Copenhagen.

But during the process it became clear that the 47-year-old Madsen had prepared. On his computer were dozens of videos and links found in which beheadings, but also sexual abuse and torture. The night before Wall board stepped of the Nautilus gave the Dane on Google the search words ‘decapitation’ and ‘woman’, as discovered by detectives.

The Australian documentary maker Emma Sullivan testified during the trial how Madsen during an interview with her that same day had told how he feared too little self-control, should he ever accused in a murder case. “He said that he had to learn to be silent, because he had difficulty getting certain things to keep to themselves.’

Although the explanation of Madsen about the death of Wall ‘technically possible’ was declared by experts, remains public prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen firmly believe that Madsen, the journalist strangled and beheaded after he tortured had to be a violent sexual fantasy to fulfill.

He demands a life sentence for the inventor. In Denmark, there are life-convicts on average after fifteen years of released.

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