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CheapAir would accept Bitcoin also Bitcoin, Cash, Dash and Litecoin

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The cheap airline CheapAir searches for an alternative payment system, so it may in the future accept in addition to Bitcoin, other crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Cash, Dash and Litecoin as a means of payment from its customers. Coinbase is set to the previous Service, Custodial, CheapAir has ever used to accept Bitcoin payments and to process.

Coinbase is currently the service Custodial set for the acceptance of payments in Bitcoin with CheapAir is essential. The company CheapAir asks his customers to Use in order to find an Alternative that supports Bitcoin also Bitcoin, Cash, Dash, and Litecoin.

CheapAir was one of the first travel sites that accepted payments in Bitcoin since 2013, and in order for the global adaptation of crypto currencies, have contributed to this. Now the company is facing a big challenge, as it must, as soon as possible looking for an Alternative to Bitcoin payments.

Since Coinbase discontinues its Service, it can no longer exchange received Bitcoins into Fiat currencies and its partners, such as Hotels or other airlines pay. The CEO, Jeff Klee, in an open letter to his customers, and is on the search for Alternatives (free Translation):

Today, we are facing some challenges and we ask for your help in the search for solutions. We were recently informed by our service partner, Coinbase, that they will not support any “Custodial” solutions for merchants more, and a number of Tools and features to remove, we need to take out Bitcoin from accept com-customers. These Changes should take place in a few weeks.

Instead of expanding on this, we take this opportunity to offer you a better solution with more digital payment options.

CheapAir would like to use BitPay, but there is a compatibility problem, so the search for Alternatives continues.

CheapAir was in 1989 by Jeff Klee founded and has since grown to an international company. Even if it is not a multi-billion dollar group, each company contributes, the crypto currencies in support for the adaptation and dissemination.

We think and hope this can be quickly a suitable solution and presented to found.

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