Cesspool ’bizarre sekscult’ with Hollywood star open

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HOLLYWOOD – It is in Wikipedia, simply referred to as ’marketing company’, but the mysterious self-help club NXIVM appears to be a bizarre sekscult, where women nude photos submit, branded, forced sex should have to “call” and be beaten, starved and’re being brain-washed.

Allison Mack in Smallville as Cloe Sullivan, has been arrested on suspicion of membership of the sekscult.

This is evident from the testimonies of Frank Parlato, a journalist who had also been involved in NXIVM, a sort of ’community’ with ’personal success’ as a goal. For the first time, we get a glimpse into a secret section of the club, of which the great leader, Keith Raniere this week was arrested in a luxury villa in Mexico.

Approximately 70 to 80 women sit according to Parlato ’caught’ in the cult are branded with the initials of Keith, and were chantabel made with nude pictures and testimonials, so that they the cult will never leave. The department, where no men, known as ’DOS’, which stands for the Latin ’dominus obsequious sororium’, or ’master of the slavenvrouwen’.

Prospective members are convinced to spicy material to deliver. As soon as they chantabel, they are officially ’slave’ and they need new slaves to recruit. In addition, they have a 24-hour ’on-call’ for the ’master’. There is a whole system in which women are certain colors that can earn a new slave.

Who are not enough new slaves regulates, or does not respond quickly to the reminders from the boss, being slapped with paddles. “If I have pain, suffer, cry, or otherwise react during the abuse, I get more hits”, so reads The Sun from text messages that it has seen.

New members are under compulsion, and by way of surprise, branded with a special sign, that the initials of Raniere depicts. Then follows a strict regime. The women have too little sleep, and may only be 500 to 800 calories to take in, because Raniere single women who want to, for its ’energy level’ to maintain, so would he even have lost.


That claims Parlato all, that the first allegations against the club did on his website, The Frank Report. The well-known Hollywood actress Allison Mack is now arrested by the police due to the membership. Whisper is that they are one of the most successful ’recruters’.

That the sect is strongly represented in Hollywood, is clear. Actress Catherine Oxenberg has been prosecutors talked to witnesses. She states that her daughter was brainwashed by the club.

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