Catfish dives into bed with actress Tiffany Haddish

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In the new film, Tyler Perry is a great role for MTV’s Catfish. In an interview with TMZ tells Catfish presenter Nev Schulman frankly about the recording and the collaboration with actress Tiffany Haddish.

Tiffany Haddish

“We are just back from Atlanta, where the pictures were of the new Tyler Perry movie. In the film, which is expected later this year will come true, is one of the main characters ge-catfished. Her sister then calls our team to help her investigate the truth.”, says Nev proudly.

In the film Tiffany Haddish the role of the concerned sister that the Catfish team to turn to her sister to protect. “There was a moment -outside the camera – that Max (co-host Catfish), Tiffany and I in bed already.” The surprised interviewer is trying clearly to get or this for the film or not: “No! Really anything can happen if you are with Tiffany in a room. It was just on the set and there were a lot of people… There was a bed and we decided with the three of them to lie down for a photo. It was very exciting!”, jokes he.

On the question of whether he actually can act, gives the presenter is honest that that is absolutely not the case. “But, I’ve done my best to just myself. Tyler, our team has really in the correct way in the film processed, it’s all very natural and feels the same as the show. So We did just that we’ll have a normal episode on the record.”

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