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Cambridge Analytica: crypto-trail leads to Macau

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The Entanglements of the data analysis company in Cambridge Analytica with the crypto world seems to be a little tighter than previously thought. Apparently, there has been a cooperation of the British team in Macau-based Dragon Corporation, which was able to win Cambridge Analytica as a customer. The managing Director also applies to unfair methods known.

Cambridge Analytica – the Name stands for the misuse of data from millions of Social Media users and the support ultimately arch-conservative politics through personalized and manipulative election advertising on the basis of these data. The surprising victories of Donald Trump in the United States, and the Leave-Campaign in the UK came about due to targeted ads, which were interspersed with Fake News. The last month has become known scandal brought Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg, whose platform most of the data should originate, in great distress. Cambridge Analytica – currently there is no society in which everyone would love to look.

All the more annoying from the point of view of the crypto-Community, that the Name is now also associated with your. In a report from the New York Times, a former Cambridge Analytica employee says that the Data-Mining company had the Dragon Corporation, also known as Macau Dragon Group as a customer. Cambridge Analytica is said to have helped the group in the Promotion of its Initial Coin Offering, for the equivalent of 500 million US dollars were collected. The Plan behind it had been to collect money for the creation of a system that aims to help people to save their personal Online data and advertising to sell driving.

The Macao Dragon Group is directed by Wan Kuok-koi, a former leader of the 14K triad. In the 1990-years, one of the most infamous Gangster-gangs of East Asia, with a close proximity to organised crime.

The authorities doesn’t taste

This connection is called the financial authorities in the Chinese special administrative region of Macau on the Plan. They recently published a warning against possible fraud and criminal activity in the crypto field. At the same time, it reminded its inhabitants that crypto-currencies are not legal tender in Macau as well as in the whole of China. A source in the financial services industries of Macau and Hong Kong, said: “I think that the clock is ticking against the payer of Macau, to ICOs. To apply the last thing is need Macau, as a safe-haven for crypto-scammers.”

This connection to Cambridge Analytica, as well as to organized gangs-crime focuses on the crypto-scene in East Asia, unfortunately, in a bad light and at the same time has an alarming effect on States and regulators. Already last week, we reported on short-term plans of Cambridge Analytica, a ICO. Remains only to hope that there is not more cross-connections of this company in the crypto-scene.

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