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Bitcoin Cash is going up in flames: Antpool burns transaction fees

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The price of Bitcoin Cash is increased by the high expectations of the upcoming Hard Fork on 15.05.2018. Continue to Antpool, the Mining giant has announced that it will burn transaction fees “” in order to promote the Bitcoin to Cash Ecosystem.

The upcoming Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork on 15.05.2018 to increase the block size of the Bitcoin Cash from 8 MB to 32 MB, and thus the transaction speed will improve. In comparison to that of Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash is the clearly a faster Blockchain, the transaction fees are also lower. That’s why Bitcoin’s Core supporters see in the Update on the Lightning network, the Innovation to which the Bitcoin Community very long-has been waiting for.

The Hard Fork of Bitcoin to Cash, it should also allow for Smart Contracts on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain. All those who want to participate in the Hard Fork will need to update to the date referred to your Software. On this page, the new Software can be downloaded.

In the last few days, there was unusual activity on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain. It was discovered that the Mining giant Antpool sent a portion of the transaction fees on a “dead” address, in order to burn a part of the circulating quantity of Bitcoin in Cash.

Antpool announced on Friday publicly that it will burn 12 percent of the transaction fees in order to promote the growth of the Bitcoin Cash Community (free Translation):

We believe that every Bitcoin Cash owners should profit from the Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem. The miners earned transaction fees are an important growth indicator for the BCH-Ecosystem, and if a part of the fees will be burned, benefited from the whole Bitcoin Cash Community.

Furthermore, it is stated in the notice that Bitcoin Cash a (free Translation):

Turning point is approaching to be a widespread public Blockchain, and a wave of Innovation.

By the Burning of Bitcoin Cash is a artificial shortage to be brought about, to push the price.

Antpool encouraged also for more miners jump on the train (free Translation):

We require more Miner will help us to burn 12% of the collected transaction fees.

If this way is not perceived in Public as a Manipulation, it remains to be seen. As we already reported, has seen the Bitcoin Cash Thursday and Friday a two-digit rate of growth. Within the last 24 hours the Bitcoin Cash course, however, is moving sideways and currently stands at 925,01 euros and a market capitalization of 15 billion euros.

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