Bette Midler in the musical Hello, Dolly

a28913f6f46a49fd1f242350b68d5493 - Bette Midler in the musical Hello, Dolly

Actress Bette Midler (72) is playing this summer for six weeks in the musical Hello, Dolly. The performance is already experts described as the best show on Broadway.

Hello, Dolly is known from the filmmusical from 1969. When she Barbra Streisand played the role of Dolly Levi, a well-known procuress by a rich industrialist is requested to find a suitable spouse for him to find. They soon decided that they themselves are the suitable bride for a millionaire, and does a cunning plan to him to win.

In the Broadway show, that starring role for Bette Midler. They played that last winter to sold out audiences and takes up the role next summer.

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