Barça and Betis have just one victory needed

02a2a6f4b06afdd39886a0deee0d2b4e - Barça and Betis have just one victory needed

Atlético Madrid failed to beat Real Betis. The number two from the Spanish league had in their own stadium to settle for a draw: 0-0. Wednesday lost to Atlético already with 3-0 at Real Sociedad.

Diego Simeone has played with Atlético Madrid with a 0-0 flush against Betis.

Real Madrid has one game less played than Atlético and decreases in income and is catching up with the fellow-townsman to one point.

Atlético and Real are both still active in Europe. Real play Wednesday in the semi-finals of the Champions League away game against Bayern Munich. Atlético takes the Thursday in the semi-final battle of the Europa League against Arsenal.

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