At least eleven killed in protests in Nicaragua

d18a9df62aad1a3bb574aeabec46067f - At least eleven killed in protests in Nicaragua

Daniel Ortega, president of Nicaragua, has on Saturday promised that his government, the dialogue will achieve, after the demonstrations against the reform of pensions, eleven deaths were of cases.

“The government wants the dialogue to restart the peace and restore stability in place of the terror which now prevails,” said Ortea, president since 2007, on national television. He mentioned no date when the dialogue would start.

Ortega said that the demonstrations were funded by extremist organizations from the United States, without specifying what these are. The goal of the opponents would be ‘to create terror and insecurity in the country and the image of Nicaragua to harm after eleven years of peace to eventually to take over power’.

After the sermon, went to young people to the streets again and there were again clashes with the police. During the riots Saturday is the Nicaraguan cameraman, Miguel Ángel Gahona, killed by police bullets. There were also about a hundred people injured in the street violence.

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