Arrested Noor in Russia known spy

122761ce95f07f55c85f447d40af3b29 - Arrested Noor in Russia known spy

OSLO – A 62-year-old Noor, who in december of last year in Russia was held on suspicion of espionage have known that he was a retired employee of the military intelligence service of his country. Frode Berg has for many years for the Norwegian army and worked as a grensbewaker, made the lawyer of Mountain known.

Frode Berg

“We know that what Mountain in Russia did partly work for the intelligence service was, but we are left in the lurch by those who him to Russia to have sent”, said his lawyer.

Despite his background in the military has Mountain against Norwegian media said he did not know that he a dangerous operation performed for his country.

Mountain was in Russia picked up with 3000 dollars in my pocket. According to Russia, that was tip money for information about the fleet of nuclear submarines of the country. The Norwegian risk a term of imprisonment of at least ten and up to twenty years.

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