Andrea Nahles new chairman of the German SPD

db98e9ce59756521c4c4232d2781ce6c - Andrea Nahles new chairman of the German SPD

BERLIN – The SPD in Germany, Andrea Nahles chosen as the new chairman. It is for the first time in the nearly 155-year history of the social-democrats that a woman is the lead.

The mood in Wiesbaden was the 47-year-old Nahles the support of 66,35 percent of voters. She is the successor of Martin Schulz. That got in February under pressure from the executive. In the elections of september suffered the SPD, under the direction of Schulz, a major defeat.

In the German media Nahles already described as the ‘Trümmerfrau’. That means the woman who ruins within the SPD needs to clean up that under the leadership of Schultz are arise. For a long time she was known as a representative of the left wing of the party, but the last few years is they to the political center shifted and she chose a more pragmatic course.

She was after the elections last year, leader of the SPD in the German Bundestag and played in that capacity an important role in the negotiations for participation in a ‘Grand coalition’ with the CDU of chancellor Angela Merkel. The party members went in march of this year, after lengthy debate, agreeing with a renewed accession to the German government.

Nahles performed in 1988, to the SPD and founded in 1989, a local branch of the party in her hometown Weiler. In the third cabinet of angela Merkel (2013-2017), she was on behalf of her party, the minister of Labour in Germany.

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