American actress arrested for sex trafficking in sect

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The American Actress Allison Mack, known from the tv series Smallville, was on Friday arrested. It is suspected that they are involved in a cult that its members ‘ sexual requirements.

The actress would be a high-ranking position in the cult Nxivm. Also Keith Raniere (57), the leader, is last month arrested.

Mack would join countless women in the fall lured with false promises. She told them that she could join a women’s organization that give them more power would give. As soon as the candidates had agreed, they had to work as female slaves.

However, calls Raniere the sect a ‘self-help group that self-confidence returns”, which in the meantime has been twenty years, continues to grow. But the members are in the cult, exploited and used for sex, as in the rechtbankverslagen to read.

Who is up wants to work, can ‘slave’ to ‘master’. That they can reach by recruiting new members. The women would a brand with the initials K. R. To the name of the leader.

Actress Allison Mack would be the right hand of the leader. She was, according to the public prosecutor responsible for sex trafficking and forced labor. In addition, they would repeatedly have tried to get other actresses in the cult involved.

‘Mack was one of the topleden in the organization, whose sole purpose was to Raniere sex-to give,’ said the public prosecutor. Furthermore, it would Mack a sexual relationship to have had with Raniere.

The actress, who is the Show a friend of Superman, plays, pleads ‘innocent’. They can risk a minimum sentence of 15 years.

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