Again, explosions heard at UN base in Mali

b9106d2fd940902e6b1c222f88617d24 - Again, explosions heard at UN base in Mali

BAMAKO – the Malian city of Timbuktu are loud explosions heard in a UN base where last week a blauwhelm was killed and multiple people were injured after an attack by muslim extremists.

According to a source at the United Nations is the basis shelled with mortar fire. Witnesses in the city counted at least three explosions. There are still no reports about possible casualties.

Last week fired attackers dozens of mortar on the base and left two cars with explosives detonate. They were able to make close approach because they are disguised as UN soldiers.

Since 2013 all 162 soldiers in Mali killed. Making it one of the deadliest peacekeeping operation ever. At the end of February were even four un peacekeepers from Bangladesh to the life, when their vehicle, a bomb exploded.

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