Warders concerned about tablet in cell

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The HAGUE – THE System sounds the alarm about a plan to give prisoners a lot more yourself to arrange via tablets.

Archive photo.

The central works council is concerned, because the plan jobs it would cost, writes the AD. Also would the prisoners because they, for example, the library and finances via the tablet control for longer in their cells to stay so desperately need contact with them is lost.

The concerns are in an internal urgent letter of the works council at the top of the ministry of Justice and Security, writes the newspaper. By prisoners themselves to control via tablets is feared more incidents.

Provisionally there is just a test place in the prisons of Lelystad and Dordrecht and in a juvenile detention centre in Nijmegen, but there are plans to use the method nationwide. The SP in the Second Room responds, worried. This seems to be a spending cut, and should not safety,” says Member of parliament Michiel van Nispen.

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