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Travel Token: Travel Reconsidered

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Imagine a world in which you without any problems in any country can travel without worrying about foreign currency, poor exchange rates or high service fees. Imagine a decentralised System, in which travellers and service providers, direct connects, and thus, unnecessary costs are eliminated, and allow you to make more money for the experience instead of for fees.

Spend less, travel more

This is the token of the Slogan of Travel, a revolutionary Blockchain-based payment system for the travel industry, what is the cost for travelers is minimized and profits for service providers is maximised.

The travel token-Ecosystem Essentially consists of a consortium of participating travel companies, which are connected by Blockchain technology. This developed into a shared Economic and Technical infrastructure, which enables service providers to improve the quality of their services and to reach additional values that are generated by cryptographic currencies.

Traveller token users will also benefit from almost-free transactions, as well as an simpler method to book peripheral services, by accessing it directly on the TLT site on partner platforms. Adding to that, users of service optimization with a to the TLT-site built-in machine learning algorithm can perform.

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Furthermore, there are several special programs for TLT-users give, for example, the TLT Debit Card, which allow users with all of the participating merchants your TLT-Tokens to spend without conversion of short thoughts to have.

Even if there is no participating dealer at the destination, TLT-debit card holders of FIAT currencies to withdraw from any ATM in the world.

A further advantage is the Loyalty Program, which allows users to reward points for every purchase you make in connection with travel, cars, finances, or entertainment purchases to collect. Once enough points have been collected, users will have to spend for plane Tickets, Hotels, car rentals, World, Shop, or gift cards.

To ensure the Blockchain for transparency and security

The implementation of Blockchain technology allows for secure, unlimited transactions. The travel token-Ecosystem serves as a bridge between the real world and the Blockchain, as it offers absolute transparency and accountability in international transactions.

The use of modern Distributed Ledger technology (DLT) allows also transactions without the usual 2-3 day delay.

The emergence of travel tokens has a good Chance to revolutionize the travel industry because it bridges the gap between travelers and service providers.

“Most of the international travel providers, the strategies work on Blockchain -, are looking for a seamless solution as our Ecosystem,” reads the official Website of travel tokens.

The travel token-ICO

The travel token-ICO is executed in 2 phases. The Pre-Sale starts in 2 days, on 23. April and the main sale starts on the 21. May. TLT Tokens are sold for 0.0002 ETH Zurich and the ICO ends as soon as the Hard Cap of 100,000 ethers was achieved.

For more information on the Whitelist, there are travel s token’Website.

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