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The TRON white paper is plagiarism?: TRON-rate analysis

a5a96dd6134b96e90accf15b785b1cc5 - The TRON white paper is plagiarism?: TRON-rate analysis

TRON was, at the end of December 2017 and the first week in 2018 the biggest winners on the crypto currency market. Within a month of the price for a TRX increased from 0.03 to up to 0,212 Euro. In the last days of the course but constant. A probable cause for the course fall, the accusations of plagiarism in connection with the white paper of TRON. This means permanently the end of the boom?

The accusations of plagiarism were already on 07. January is known as the founder of Protocol Labs, Juan Benet, tweeted a picture on which he claims that at least 9 pages of the white paper of the English Version of TRON from the IPFS and Filecoin-white papers to be copied.

Justin Sun, CEO of TRON then explained on Twitter that the original Version of the white paper on Chinese is more detailed and new. The English, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish Version had been translated by volunteers who have in the Translation a number of important Details, and not only the references are left out.

As the website of the trust has found nodes, however, are the critical passages, but also part of the Chinese language version.

The website CCN has also carried out an examination of the white paper and found that there are numerous passages in which parts of the TRON white papers are similar to the Text of the Filecoin or IPFS whitepaper is very strong. According to the analysis, the Text should not have been copied word-for-word, but in the vocabulary, structure and information content of the two abovementioned white papers very much the same.

Probably as a result of the negative reporting, the white paper (Chinese Version) has been removed from the official website of TRON.

TRON’s Marketing-First strategy

In various Online forums, discussion about TRON and the “plagiarism scandal” in detail. The Tenor of these discussions is that TRON (until recently) a very strong marketing campaign that has led to an enormous enthusiasm for the project and only by an accusation of plagiarism was brakes.

Throughout the campaign, numerous well-known partners could be won and new projects started. This has been achieved, although the level of development of the TRON network is still in a very early stage, and (actually) the current euphoria still does not fully justify.

Partnerships Obike, and Boafeng could be closed.

The plagiarism allegation has brakes on the euphoria, but it is strong. The price falls since the publication steadily down.

Nevertheless, the “Marketing-First”strategy be more successful approach in the long run. Due to the Reputation and the acquired partnerships TRON was able to win so far, numerous well-known developers for the project. In this respect, it applies to TRON, to build a powerful and functional MainNet.

In particular, the Start of the Crypto Dogs on the 22. January could be a first step in the direction of u-turn usher.

Regardless of a bitter aftertaste, given the accusations of plagiarism remains, in spite of success on a corporate level, of course.

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