Saskia Noort cried when writing about rape

f565594177ce3dda2eff4b8b11a6d88a - Saskia Noort cried when writing about rape

Saskia Noort has cried in the writing of her new book, she tells RTL. In the novel Stromboli – not a thriller this time – the main character is raped; it is based directly on the experiences of the author herself.

Saskia Noort during her book launch Stromboli in the Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam.

“The abuse is, ultimately, perhaps the red thread in the book; it sounds in every chapter,” says the 51-year-old writer about the book immediately opens with the scene in which the protagonist is raped is at a party. It looks like Sarah’s own story. And yes, that made it for tears in the writing. “And also in the re-read.”

However, the writing of the story of the successful writer Sara during a Fuck It retreat after the separation of her husband this past under the eyes, Saskia also helped to have her experiences to process. “I had a spot, but you relive it again. Then it is liberating and also very nice to write about it.”

Also Sarah’s father Carel hopes that the book his daughter’s peace brings. “I hope that by writing it out and can say: “well, it’s happened’.”

Stromboli was Friday presented in Amsterdam.

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