Police Oman suspect that there is no crime in death of dj Avicii

b777328b99646f81d7f3a5ef307da567 - Police Oman suspect that there is no crime in death of dj Avicii

The police of Oman suspect that the Swedish dj Avicii is not a crime to life. The dj died Friday at age 28, unexpectedly at his holiday home.

About the cause of death does the police no further statements, reports Swedish public broadcaster SVT News. The police of Oman gives precedence to the matter. “We have all the information, we know what happened, but we let not to the media about,” says a spokesman of the police against the broadcaster. Also let the police know that the body to the home country can be transported.

The oldest brother of the Friday death of dj Avicii has arrived in Muscat, capital of Oman. According to TMZ the family of the Swedish dj is still nothing about the cause of death. David Bergling would be in Oman to go in search of answers. He stays in a hotel near the resort where his brother Tim Bergling, as the dj actually called, was found.

The dj was together with a number of friends on vacation. The Muscat Hills Resort explains a lot of questions about the death of the dj, but not on the case. However, confirm the hotel that the dj is with them stayed, and that he is ‘very friendly’ staff.

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