Ortega puts army in after violence at protests

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MANAGUA – Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega has the army to the city of Estelí sent to the social unrest, the head pressing. At protests in several cities against the reform of the social system over the past few days, at least ten people have died and around a hundred wounded cases.

Protests in Nicaragua

The riots broke out in the capital Managua and about 185 miles southeast thereof, in Estelí. The Spanish newspaper El País reports that in Estelí hard confrontations between ordetroepen and the protesters were. With the support of the police, the army, the demonstrators in Estelí torn apart.

The riots broke Wednesday. Pensioners took to the streets because of the government’s pensions wants to retrenchment of employee and the contributions of workers to social security will increase. More and more Nicaraguans, under whom thousands of students, joined in recent days at the protests.

Ortega wants the protesters to negotiate the end of the protest.

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