OPCW experts arrived in Douma to part one to examine

7f60f832102b8da005fb76a89414d862 - OPCW experts arrived in Douma to part one to examine

After Wednesday their investigation hastily had ceased because their security team under fire was made, the researchers of the OPCW on Saturday began their mission in Douma. They need to consider whether there on april 7, poison gas has been used in the Syrian city.

The experts of the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have been around since the 14th of april in Syria, but they had the start of their research, already several times delayed. Wednesday, there were shots fired at a security team of the United Nations, which in Douma, the town in Eastern Goutha, the arrival of the team was getting ready. There exploded also explosives.

The safety of the experts are now guaranteed by both the Syrian government forces as by the Russian military in Syria are present. It reports the Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Locations already disinfected’

Russia expects that the OPCW his research ‘to be as impartial as possible, ” and that it is an objective report. The team must determine whether there is an attack on Douma on april 7, poison gas is used. They should not be responsible to indicate.

The Russians argue that there actually were chemical weapons used. President Vladimir Putin condemned the bombings of the United States, France and Britain last weekend, carried out as retaliation for the alleged poison gas attack.

But according to the U.S. try Russia and Syria are the locations of the alleged chemical attacks ‘to disinfection’. ‘Russian officials are trying along with the Syrian regime to the locations of the alleged chemical attacks to disinfection and the evidence of the use of chemical weapons to remove, ” said Heather Nauert, spokeswoman of the American ministry of Foreign Affairs last week.

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