Natalie Portman says trip to Israel “to Netanyahu not to support”

eefe67e62b055fbed829ca554d9fd726 - Natalie Portman says trip to Israel "to Netanyahu not to support"

The American actress Natalie Portman at the end of June-to Jerusalem travel to the major Israeli Genesisprijs for 2018 for the receipt, was already known. Now it is also clear why they don’t at the ceremony will participate: Portman doesn’t want to give the impression that they are the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu supports, that at the ceremony a speech would have taken. She writes today on her Instagram account.

The Israel born actress gets the Genesisprijs for “its community engagement and deep commitment to her Jewish and Israeli roots”. The award, which is also known as the ‘Jewish Nobel prize’, is good for 1 million dollar (converted as’n 862.000 euro). It was the Genesis foundation in New York, Thursday reported that Portman its price is not in receipt to take. “The most recent events in Israel have them as extremely regrettable experience”, quoted the foundation for the management of Portman. The actress would focus on “political reasons” professions. There was immediately referred to the dead and wounded that the Israeli army over the past weeks in the Gaza strip.

On Instagram makes Portman today clear that the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu is the problem. “I chose not to go because I don’t want to suggest that I, Benjamin Netanyahu aid,” she writes. Portman denies that she is part of the BDS movement, a global campaign in a peaceful manner calling for a boycott of Israel. “Like many israelis and Jews all over the world, I can be critical about the Israeli leadership, without the whole country to want to boycott. Because I to Israel, I have to make a fist against violence, corruption, inequality and abuse of power,” she writes.

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