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“McLaren shows soon her true speed”

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According to Eric Boullier, the racedirecteur at the McLaren F1 team we can from the GP of Spain in a McLaren expect a lot faster. That would, of course, good news for Fernando Alonso and the belgian Stoffel Vandoorne.

McLaren hoped to this season with the Renault engine is a serious step forward. So far it seems that big step there not to come, already we see McLaren, perhaps, from the GP of Spain a lot more competitive for the day to come. A lot of updates that slowed down will then be introduced.

“We have appeared in Australia not with the car we wanted because we for various reasons slowed down,” said Boullier, who thus indirectly refers to the problems that McLaren with its new car knew during the preparatory wintertests.

“A lot of the components are on the point on the circuit to be used. For logistical reasons, it will probably be in Barcelona happen and then we will see where we are in terms of the performance.”

“There’s still quite a bit in the pipeline so let us hope that we the gap that we have somewhat close.”

Currently, there is still a large difference at McLaren in terms of performance, on Saturday and Sunday. During the qualifications is coming McLaren clearly still too short to claim a place in Q3.

“You see that our performance on Sunday, other than our performance on Saturday. We have issues that we on Saturday. Everyone works extremely hard and is very dedicated. However, this is certainly not what anyone had expected, and it is not easy to the top three with legs,” concluded Boullier.

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