Jan de Hoop: “I’m discussed’

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Jan the Hope could not even fry an egg, but thanks to his participation in Superstar Chef is the kookvocabulaire of the presenter of the RTL Ontbijtnieuws properly supplemented. “All I can now is good”, says Jan.

Jan Hope

“I had never cooked. I’m a little discussed”, says Jan about his participation in the cooking competition, that Tuesday starts with RTL 4. “When I called I said that it wasn’t such a good idea. But I still said yes because they said no one could cook. Ronald de Boer would only water can cook,” he laughs.

In Superstar Chefs, eight celebrities to a well-known Dutch chef associated with it. Together, they must ensure that in each episode, two dishes are cooked, but soon the chefs to clear the field and the CELEBRITIES there all alone.


Jan forms a duo with Angélique Schmeinck. She had to swallow however, when Jan advance at her in the kitchen a breeze was to bake. “It went really badly wrong,” said Angélique. “He broke the egg too hard, the yolk was already broken and the pan was not hot enough. And also the removed from the pan did not work very well.” Jan: “You saw Angélique almost behind the kitchen disappear.”

Also for André Gerrits, linked to YouTuber Kaj Gorgels, was a bit shocked of the level of his pupil. He was a little nervous when he realized that Kaj is rather behind the rest. “I learned that some people really trained had”, says André. “We had for the first episode, absolutely nothing done. We went just with a big mouth that show.”


According to Jaimie van Heije, the mentor of Ronald de Boer, was participating for the chefs, also called a revelation. “Things which are for us a matter of course, for the candidates very difficult. As a breeze to open or basil extract. Then you realize that that’s just not going to. That is to swallow.”

Finally proved to all the candidates, surely instance to have. “It is train, train, train,” says Angélique. “I must say that I was surprised when I saw how fast Jan the things picked up. In a few weeks, he was all oysters and mackerel to fillet. That was after a lot of practice it actually seems okay.”

Goedele Liekens

Superstar Chef, presented by Tijl Beckand, on the 24th of april for the first broadcast. Except for Jan the Hope, Kaj Gorgels and Ronald de Boer are also Ruben van der meer, Jelka van Houten, Goedele Liekens, Monique Smit and Anouk Hoogendijk to the candidates. They are reviewed by judges Sergio Herman, François Geurds and Miljuschka Witzenhausen.

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