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IOTA is to promote partnership with InnoEnergy, a to E-Mobility

1a99767b5f8a96c020dd3cab16cbde3a - IOTA is to promote partnership with InnoEnergy, a to E-Mobility

IOTA was able to have the chance to win a new Partner in the field of E-Mobility for collaboration. InnoEnergy wants to use the Tangle Protocol, to optimize existing business models in the area of E-mobility and to make it viable for the future.

As IOTA is reported, has signed the IOTA Foundation and the InnoEnergy Scandinavia a Memorandum of understanding to conduct research in the future together on the development of E-mobility and Smart Contracts in the energy sector.

InnoEnergy conducts research in the field of sustainable energy and supports Startups and innovation in Europe. Together with one of the largest real estate owners in Sweden, örebro bostäder (ÖBO), the company has initiated a number of pilot projects, including EVe.

Eve is an Initiative in the framework of the E-REGIO project on the implementation of innovative E-Mobility services. The IOTA Tangle Protocol will come on the basis of his Open-Source Distributed Ledger technology within the Eve-Smart-Community in the pilot project.

The following Video shows a charging station for electric cars which is based entirely on IOTA. Here, vehicles with the charging station can charge the battery. The special feature here is that the car practically pays for itself the cost for the tank operation in the IOTA and everything is fully Autonomous, runs out.

Currently, there is no Software which allows for such automatic tank process in practice, however, you can see in this Demonstration very well where the journey should go.

The collaboration is the result of a successful participation of InnoEnergy in November of last year, 2017, when IOTA started the in-house Data Marketplace.

In the framework of the partnership, the IOTA Foundation will use its technology as well as the good networking within the IOTA Community to support the pilot projects and to provide for the exchange of knowledge between experts from different sectors.

Wilfried Pimenta, head of business development at IOTA, that this cooperation brings to the Tangle of technology in everyday life and the future of the people (freely translated):

This partnership, the Tangle technology brings to the place where it belongs: in the real world, in order to enable IoT devices and intelligent Community models. The proactive and open approach to Innoenergy makes it a great Partner for IOTA. The growing Ecosystem is perfect to have the potential to shape the world of machines and to demonstrate.

Xue Wang, developer and product Manager of EVe in the case of InnoEnergy, in the Tangle of technology the key for a decentralized E-mobility which aims at facilitating the everyday life of the people and improve (freely translated):

The collaboration between InnoEnergy and the IOTA Foundation in the implementation of the Tangle, the Distributed Ledger technology in a pilot project, will facilitate the development of smart Community-energy markets. The citizens will have the opportunity to take advantage of the decentralised services for clean energy / electric mobility with a transparent, autonomic and secure transaction and data management system.

This partnership shows that the interest of the industry is sufficiently large to IOTA and its technology. However, what are the successes to be seen can be achieved in practice.

As we already reported, is IOTA as a possible Option for the development of the E-Krona in Sweden to the debate. This is another site which could drive up the project.

Our price index shows that the price of the IOTA within the last 24 hours, with almost 10 per cent on a price of 1.57 Euro rose. With a market capitalisation of 4.3 billion euros IOTA occupies 9 of the largest crypto-currencies.

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