FIFA cease dopingonderzoek to Russian international Kambolov

e1ee1c249c2fc33bfe5ee18987d232c9 - FIFA cease dopingonderzoek to Russian international Kambolov

The investigation of FIFA for doping, the Russian international Ruslan Kambolov is discontinued. According to the lawyers of the defence is that happens due to lack of evidence.

The wereldvoetbalbond started the research in early February, partly as a result of the remarks of Grigory Rodchenkov. That is the hunchback in the big doping scandal in Russia, which in recent months was revealed.

Two months later, researchers of the FIFA, however, a point behind the research, because they can not prove that the Rus the rules. The 28-year-old Kambolov is true no longer as suspicious.

Kambolov is in their own country for Rubin Kazan. He played in 2015, and June 2017 are only two international matches.

The centrumverdediger was made last year by Russia selected for the Confederations Cup, but played not a minute in that tournament. Now the investigation is discontinued, he may have hope of participating in the world cup, on June 14 starts.


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