Ex-manager’s death Avicii not yet contain

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“I’ve never been so sad.” Writes that the ex-manager of Avicii on Facebook. Arash ’Ash’ Pournouri worked a long time together with the Swedish dj that Friday at the age of 28 died. “I can’t contain,” writes Pourmouri in his post.


From the beginning of his successful career, Avicii, together with Pourmouri. When the dj in 2016 decided not to act, there came the collaboration to an end. Despite the fact that remained with the two good friends.

Pourmouri writes that he Avicii in February of this year, for the last has spoken. According to the ex-manager was a friendly gathering in which they spoke to each other while enjoying a snack and a drink. “I am very grateful for the beautiful meeting,” he writes.

“Together we made history”, let Poumouri know yet. “We have people in the world hit with our creativity. You will the people continue to hit, even if you’re not there anymore. I love you.”

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