Den Bosch-director: ‘Arbitration drew artificial grass broken’

1b6e5488f747218db9eb8968889bddcd - Den Bosch-director: 'Arbitration drew artificial grass broken'

Around the cancelled duel in the Jupiler League between FC Den Bosch and FC Emmen have various parties with their own story.

The field of FC Den Bosch is repaired, but is not on time, ready to play.

Referee Sander van der Eijk refers to the story about the evil role that the arbitration would have filled in the cancellation of the game between FC Den Bosch and FC Emmen to the realm of fable. “That is obviously not correct. We just couldn’t on this artificial grass pitch to play football. It was much too dangerous. In some places you could get the concrete to see through it,” said the duty an arbitrator at Omroep Brabant.


In the usual inspection of the field in advance, saw Van der Eijk, together with his assistants, a few strips of artificial grass loose. FC Den Bosch was of the KNVB three-quarter time to the required repairs. Of delay, however, came adjustment. “The safety of the players, we could not then guarantee, and then you have the field reject”, brought in Van der Eijk know.

According to general manager Paul van der kraan of FC Den Bosch were the required repairs on the artificial turf in a timely and adequately performed. “But unfortunately, one of the assistant referees when necessary in various places to check that the artificial grass pulling it up. And yes, if you are on that mat is going to run pick, he comes up and breaks down. According to our maintenance department was the mat is further excellent.” This remarkable lecture was by Van der Eijk rejected. “We have some of the strips are lifted up, but they were all completely separate.”


The KNVB has cancelled match now set at Monday, april 23. Van der kraan excludes a closer examination of the prosecutor professional football to the state of affairs. “Ah, that there can still be at. We have this season, often with the prosecutor.”

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