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Crypto-study: Britons don’t want any centralized Coins

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The UK market survey Institute, D-CYFOR has surveyed a representative cryptographic study of 1002 adults British to Bitcoin and crypto-currencies.

The survey, 93 percent have at least heard of Bitcoin. This is an increase of 13 percent compared to last November. Thus, the level of knowledge about Bitcoin has reached a new peak.

The British do not want Zentralbankcoin

More than half of the respondents (56 percent) indicated that they would not invest in spite of a regulation of crypto-currencies by the government. A third would be willing to invest “more”, if the market would be regulated.

It is also clear from the study that the majority (60 percent) would not support a by the Bank of England (BoE) issued Coin, which would be pegged to Sterling. Millennials are the only age group that would support a crypto-currency, issued by the BoE.

British look according to the crypto-study pessimistic on the future of Bitcoin

On optimism as compared with the value of Bitcoin has done in comparison to January 2018 nothing. Still, 39 percent of respondents are optimistic. This value, however, has declined compared to November 2018 to 15 percent.

Six out of ten Britons (61 per cent) look skeptical to believe on the Bitcoin-development for the next six months: 32 percent, that Bitcoin will lose in the next half of the year. The other 29 percent are of the opinion that the largest crypto-currency collapse of market capitalization and worthless. Here, too, there was no Change to the study in January. However, it is necessary to underline that an increase of the values in the comparison of 47 to 61 per cent.

British people are not using Bitcoin-sales are still not satisfied

D-CYFOR has asked in addition, according to the experience of the Bitcoin investors. Nearly one in four (24 percent) who tried to sell Bitcoin, found the fees too high. 10 percent said that it will sell long before Bitcoin, and in the meantime, the value fluctuated sharply. A third were not of the sale for a simple process, while 16 percent tried to sell Bitcoin.

Half of the respondents, Bitcoin investors will want to hold your Investment for less than a year. Just under a quarter (24 per cent) want to stay for more than five years, invested and 28 percent of the participants said they were not aware of it yet.

Further Investments

50 percent of the Bitcoin investors would not invest in a crypto currency. The other 50 per cent would invest their money in Ethereum (20 percent), Bitcoin, Cash (14 percent), Ripple (6 percent) and Litecoin (5 percent).

Finally, the study highlights that a majority considers to real estate (45 percent) as the best Investment for long-term investment. That’s 20 percent, invest your money in a Bank and 14 percent, investing in stocks and bonds follow. A further 13 per cent will put the money for the pension. Six percent invest in Gold, and only two percent are investing in crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin.

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