Crowds at funeral Bush: 1500 people at the service

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HOUSTON – former Us first lady Barbara Bush is Saturday, when her funeral is remembered as a caring personality that the public good above their own interests suggested.

Roughly 1,500 mourners came together in the church in Houston for the funeral of the wife of the former president George H. W. Bush. She is last week deceased.

The 93-year-old Bush sat during the funeral in a wheelchair. Among the attendees were Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama and George W. Bush and wife Laura. The current head of state, Donald Trump was absent. He had his wife Melania chief executive. Trump had said that he was the funeral not wanted to burden by the additional security measures that should be taken in his presence. Via Twitter let Trump know that he is with “his thoughts and prayers to the entire family in the Bush”.

Jon Meacham, a biography about George H. W. Bush has written, said that the former president and Barbara, the country’s top Republican party put the common interest above political gain.

A big loss for George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush.

Melania Trump was there, her husband Donald.

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