China wants North Korea to help

China is satisfied with the announcement by North Korea that its nuclear tests and rakettentests halt it. Beijing wants Pyongyang to help his denuclearisering and the economic development of the Korean peninsula. The spokesman of the Chinese ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lu Kang, Saturday said.

“China thinks that the decision to use the atomic bomb tests to stop and to concentrate on economic development and on the improvement of the living conditions will contribute to the situation on the Korean peninsula to rest and the denuclearisering and the efforts for political solution forward will help,” says the. Beijing hopes to ‘lasting peace and common development in the region.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has Saturday confirmed that his country nuclear testing and rakettentests terminated, because of his nuclear weapons programme was to be ready. North Korea would also be a new political course to sail and more want to bet on the development of its economy, weakened by international sanctions following its nuclear program.

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