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Binance is timely to introduce no Dollar Trading Pair

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The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, made it clear yesterday that the Exchange will be introducing in the near term, no Dollar Trading Pair. This response came from the CEO personally, on more of the rumors in the international space.

By the opening of a foreign crypto exchange of Binance in Malta, rumors were loud, about the possible introduction of Fiat-crypto exchange pairs on the platform. This would have given the crypto market a big boost, as potential investors from Europe have an easier Zugagang to the market and this new capital in the market would be gone.

Currently, many investors need to be bought to go more detours through other stock exchanges on which Bitcoin and Ethereum to send this then Binance to to present to. In the very fast-paced crypto world this can be a large obstacle to actually invest in crypto-currencies.

The cooperation with the banks locally (in Malta) is developing well and it is also Fiat-trading options will be discussed, however, there will be no Option directly with US to buy dollars on Binance any kind of crypto currencies.

The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, confirmed that these rumors are Fake News, and this Option is not for the time being be available.

Although Zhao does not mention any exact time frame, is the topic already on the table and discussed. When and if a trading pair can follow with the Euro, or will, remains at this point still speculation.

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