Backstreet Boys celebrate 25th anniversary

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The Backstreet Boys are celebrating Friday their silver anniversary. On social media, the boy band still in its 25-year anniversary.

“On 20 april 1993, we were the Backstreet Boys”, tweeted the band with a picture from that time. “If you take us 25 years ago had told us that we now still music would make, we had never believed.” The men seem to be still for a long time not to have enough of the music business. “Who is ready for another 25 years?”

Also, Entertainment Tonight, hard look at the anniversary and commented with fans, family and employees of the Backstreet Boys back on the past 25 years. Denise Solis, mother of AJ McLean, retrieves memories of the banana bar in Amsterdam.

Open mouth

“There we took new musicians or crew, as a kind of declining birth rates.” Denise and the tour manager of the Backstreet Boys, Nina, went regularly to the erotic venue for some ’girl talk’ with the staff members. When she heard that her son with fellow Backstreet Boy Howie to the banana bar was gone, decided Denise the two to graze.

“The last person who Alex there expecting was his mother. So we were there and everyone knew us, so all the girls stopped what they were doing to say hello. Alex and Howie stood with open mouth to look.” McLean did not get the wind from the front of his mother. “They were healthy young guys, what do you do?”

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