Also role for Dove van Dijck in All You Need Is Love

c05e8fce7bbdf705952f87dab96565c7 - Also role for Dove van Dijck in All You Need Is Love

Also Popped van Dijck will play a part in the great All You Need Is Love movie with christmas in the cinemas. The actor, known for the musicals The Marathon and Soldier of Orange, plays a member of the editorial staff of the program who themselves are in a liefdesplot entangled.

Dove van Dijck

That told me Van Dijck in an interview on NPO Radio 2. The shooting of the film find it at this time. Earlier was already announced that Fedja van Huêt the role of the Robert ten Brink, inspired Dr. Love going to play. Also, there are roles for, among others, Peter Block, Hajo Bruins, Loes Haverkort, Rop Verheijen, Bracha of Doesburgh, Waldemar ‘ and Ghent Pheifer.

The film is set on the eve of the famous christmas, as Dr. Love suddenly disappears. He is after the death of his wife, his faith in the love lost and flight without his editors know how to go to the Scottish Highlands for a walking tour to the memory of his beloved. Meanwhile, search his producer and the entire editorial board desperately for a new presenter.

All You Need Is Love is from december to see in all cinemas. Paula van der Oest is responsible for the screenplay, the direction is in the hands of Will Koopman (Gooische vrouwen). Job Gosschalk would make the movie in the first instance directing, but saw this after revelations about his sexual misconduct.

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