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3 reasons for FuturoCoin

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The Blockchain technology beyond our modern world. No matter whether you are a newbie in this market or a professional Trader, it is easier to buy crypto-currencies, than you think. There are not many people who have several thousand dollars to buy Bitcoin. You’d better take a smaller amount and for a completely new, but promising crypto-currency that gains value. FuturoCoin could be one of these currencies.

FuturoCoin was introduced in January 2018 in the Blockchain Community. FuturoCoin is a part of the electronic Peer-to-Peer Cash system, which enables immediate transactions. Exchanges such as YoBit, Coindeal and Piyasa introduced FuturoCoin already in their trading systems. The daily trading volume of FTO in YoBit has already reached about 255,000 US dollars.

What do we know about FuturoCoin?

FuturoCoin is based on the already existing Code of the DASH-crypto currency – one of the Top 15 currencies on CoinMarketCap. Due to this choice FuturoCoin has access to the advantages and Upgrades of the DASH.

We have selected 3 main advantages of FuturoCoin:

  1. Instant Payments

The team of developers has created an enhanced Version of the DASH. The main difference between FuturoCoin and DASH is that in the first case, all transactions are immediately executed. It means that FuturoCoin has excluded the Problem of waiting until the confirmation of the transactions. The confirmation of a transaction needs only 4 seconds in FuturoCoin, in DASH, it can take up to 15 minutes. In addition, the possibility to have a transaction up to 10 Inputs or Outputs with a fixed fee.

  1. Two-Stage Network

FuturoCoin uses a master node as a part of his system. Master nodes are responsible for prompt payments, Governance, and low and fixed transaction fees. To DASH, in comparison, where the master nodes will receive an additional fee for the processing of instant transactions will be charged in FuturoCoin no additional fee for this type of operations.

  1. Transaction fees

All transactions in FuturoCoin immediately and have a fixed fee, while it varies on the DASH and from the Rate of the currency and the nature of the transaction. The fee in FuturoCoin does not depend on the number of sent Coins. With a transaction you can send Coins to up to 10 recipients – the fee remains the same.

It is important to distinguish genuine Coins from Scams. One of the most important approaches of FuturoCoin is to be transparent and open to its users. The Code is publicly available and you can check him out immediately. The project is legitimate and has an advanced security system, the platform protects against attacks of any kind.

FuturoCoin can be the next coin of the future. It is both for the business as well as the daily use of advantage. Large retailers and business people can join the FuturoCoin-network and a higher income receive, as soon as the Coins expanded their use. Crypto-currencies can be used as a financial instrument for investment in other projects. The same use is for FuturoCoin possible. Meanwhile, ordinary people the Coins for purchases and daily payments to use and not spend a lot of time with transactions.

For more information about FuturoCoin please visit the official Website.

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