Willem II want new head coach and say goodbye to Robbemond

86240cecbec07b437f00d8fe91e64a4b - Willem II want new head coach and say goodbye to Robbemond

Willem II will be for next season, looking for a new head coach. That means that the people of tilburg say goodbye to coach Reinier Robbemond and his assistant Dogan Corneille.

Robbemond acted this season, initially as assistant, but was the beginning of march after the departure of Erwin of Tanning was appointed interim coach. In the first match under his guidance gave Willem II a sensation by PSV eindhoven with a 5-0 defeat.

Since then, lost to Willem II but two league games (against Excelsior and Feyenoord), so the ‘Tricolores’, as well as to be sure of self-preservation in the Eredivisie.

Willem II decided at the end of march, Robbemond to retain as a trainer for the rest of the season, but there remains the collaboration is so. The future of goalkeeping coach Harald Wapenaar is still uncertain; Willem II is still in conversation with the ex-goalkeeper about his future at the club.


Technical director Joris Mathijsen is Robbemond grateful. “The way in which Reinier after the departure of Erwin, together with Dogan and Harald worked and performed well deserves our compliments. In our eyes, however, it is time to refresh. We want the season 2018/2019 with a number of new faces for the group.”

Robbemond is based in the choice of William II to get him to go. “I am pleased that I along with the rest of the staff (Willem II have been able to help in the difficult situation where the club was. We’ve been able to wear that to the club as well as secure.”

Willem II is currently on the fourteenth place in the Premier league with a lead of six points at number sixteen Roda JC, that is a much less goal difference. The people of tilburg go Sunday 29 april on a visit to PEC Zwolle and close the season a week later with a home match against Vitesse.

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