Waylon has a number 1 hit on birthday

d3db981ce1b62b7e6692ddbcdd6e56bd - Waylon has a number 1 hit on birthday

The anniversary of Waylon standing with his new album The World Can Wait on number 1 in the Album Top 100. His album featuring the songfestivalnummer Outlaw in ’em is the most sold and streamed picture of the country, appears today on his 38th birthday.


Warner Music released a week ago Waylons new album. The World Can Wait is the fifth studio album of Waylon. One of the new songs on the album Outlaw in ’em, that Waylon on Thursday 10 may in the second semi-final of the Eurovision song contest in Lisbon. Waylon wrote the songs in Nashville.

Waylon is chased by Sevn Alias with his plate Oakinn. The third newcomer in the top 10 is Johan with Pull-Up. This is the return of the Dutch band officially a fact. The comebackplaat Pull Up is the successor of 4 from 2009. Johan goes in the coming year two times on tour. In may and June, the band does include two times Paradiso, Doornroosje, De Oosterpoort and TivoliVredenburg.

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